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Rules of Learning Golf - Rule #1

Always Hold your Finish

There are currently two thoughts running through your head. The first one is: "Why should I hold my finish" and the second is "how does this benefit my learning for the game of golf?" Well, having the ability to hold your finish is a very important skill that you need to develop if you are going to continue to develop your golf game.


Maintaining your balance is an important skill

Every golfer that plays at a high level has the ability to maintain balance throughout the entirety of the golf swing. That includes the follow through. One of the biggest changes that I see when someone is starting to learn golf happens when they can start to hold a proper finish.

This small victory does wonders for the confidence of a player that is learning golf. Being able to be balanced when you finish a golf swing will create a sense of accomplishment but also gives you time to either enjoy a great shot that you hit or to reflect on something that you need to improve moving forward.

A proper follow through would look like the picture below:

Key takeaways:

  1. The weight has been shifted all the way to the lead foot and rest on the heel and the outside part of my front foot

  2. I have rotated my hips so that my belt buckle is pointing past the target that I am hitting to

  3. The club is finished behind my head. The only caveat here that I would adjust for a player that Is beginning is that I would have the golf club point down more then I am in this photo. If you are just starting, having your club finish like mine will cause the ball to go right way too much. Have the club head pointing more to the ground in order to help the club turnover during the golf shot


The mental side of holding your finish

Too many times during a round of golf, players will ignore watching the ball and thinking about what they just did during their golf swing. Players of all levels will immediately get frustrated with the result, and do not reflect on what might have caused this result. Coincidentally they lose the opportunity to learn something about their golf game.

Remember, the golf ball does not know who is hitting it. It is simply reacting to the force of the club head that you have delivered to it. Therefore, take a second after every swing to reflect on what you did or did not do and then work from there to repeat that action moving forward.

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