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"I'm looking for Golf Lessons" - Says Everybody

Whenever somebody finds out I teach golf, the following statement is uttered, in one form or another, "I'm looking for golf lessons". They then precede to tell me every little piece of their game, as they try to explain all the reasons why they can't play well. Most of those people never actually reach out for lessons, but a few do here and there. Those that do, almost always start to realize that learning golf is both fun and extremely difficult. So I want to explain 3 things that you need to know before you take on learning how to play golf


#1 Learning golf is a grand adventure

Learning golf takes time. I would say just to get comfortably breaking 100 it would take at least a few months to accomplish this task. Now do not allow this time to disuade you from taking on this adventure. Learning how to golf will not only teach you a fun skill, but the people that you meet along the way that are trying to learn and improve as well are also in the same boat. Learning golf is a grand adventure and should be approached as one. You might be a little nervous, or anxious, and ready to get to the end, but you will find more enjoyment if you slow down and really dive into learning and growing in this game.

#2 It always gets a little worse before it gets A LOT better

Ask anyone who has taken on the task of learning golf and they will tell you that there were plenty of moments where they wanted to quit golf. You may look at those people as idiots, as those are the same people that are beating you on a day to day basis in your local golf league. In order to improve there will be moments when you are learning a new skill where you will struggle and think you are going backwards. But just like when you set down a heavy object to get a better more reliable grip, you have to pause and allow the changes to take your game to the next level. Trust in the process of learning and continue to find your best game right around the corner


#3 Work on your short game more than you think

If you think that your swing is the most important part of learning golf, you are surely mistaken. Having a great short game, and being able to score from inside of 100 yards is a valuable skill. If you spend 1 hour practicing your swing, you should spend that same amount of time practicing your putting and your chipping. These skills are easy to practice and can help cover up any changes you are currently making to your swing.

Keep these 3 keys in mind when you start your golf learning journey and you will find the experience that much better!

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