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To Swing or Not to Swing: Why you should play golf

"How can a game have such an effect on a person's soul" - Seven Days in Utopia

I have been a golfer for most of my entire life. Starting when I was 4 years old, most of my time has been spent, practicing, playing, and thinking about this sport of golf. It has given me some incredible life moments, and some moments that I wish I could forget. I have my own reasons why I enjoy this game so much, however, I hope that through reading this article, you understand why YOU should take up this game.


1. It all comes down to you

Let me explain. This game has no offense or defense. There are no refs to interfere, and there is no outside force that is operating to make the game harder than it is. All there is, is a club, a golf ball, and you. You are given a task of hitting a small, white, dimpled golfball into a 4 inch hole that is at least, 3 baseball stadiums, or 4 football stadiums or multiple soccer pitches away. If you fail, all the failure rests on your shoulders. However, If you succeed, all the success and glory is also yours. The mere thought that every time you step up to a ball you are one swing away from the best shot of your life is an incredible draw to the game of golf.


2. You do not need to be drafted onto a team in order to play at a high level

It is one of the only sports where an amateur can find its way to get into a big name event. As recently as the 2023 masters, we had an amateur golfer play in one of the largest events of the year. In the same year, we had a local PGA pro play in another major championship and anyone can qualify for the US Open through the qualifying stages into yet another large championship. At any point in your career, if you work the right way and hard enough you can find yourself playing with some of the best in the world. You do not need to go through a draft to play at the highest level in this game. You are one great round away from having a life changing experience.


3. There are so many games to play within the game itself

Drinking games, short game games, putting games, long drive games, trick shot games, and so many others can be found within the game of golf. You don't always need a driving range, or a golf course to play golf. Sometimes all it takes is a few friends, some clubs you find lying around and a golf ball and you have a make shift closest to the pin challenge in your backyard.



You don't have to play golf in order to be a superstar. But you should play golf because of the all the avenues that it leads you. You will make new friends, have new adventures, and do things that you didn't think you would ever do. I challenge you to take on this great game and prove me wrong.

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